Ila + Ava Botanical Perfume Oil 10ml
Ila + Ava Botanical Perfume Oil 10ml

Ila + Ava Botanical Perfume Oil 10ml

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uplifting | soft | clarity

10ml 0.34 fl.oz.

 A selection of high quality essential oils from around the world. each chosen for its unique individual properties, beautiful scent + its benefits when combined in this delicate blend.

Uplifting, calming + clearing, this combination of oils heightens the senses + provides clarity while carrying a soft feminine scent. different tones of this blend are naturally heightened with each individual wearer  


    roll the botanical perfume oil onto wrists, elbow creases and behind the ears for beautifully perfumed scented skin.  (for longer lasting scent avoid rubbing wrists together)

     to calm or de-stress, the oil can be rolled onto temples and deeply inhaled once put onto the skin

     for smooth + scented hair small amounts can be rolled onto the palms and gently massaged into hair ends


    ^sweet almond oil, essential oils: champaca, ylang ylang, bergamot,^roman chamomile, rosemary, clary sage, geranium, sweet orange, dried rose ^Australian