Crafting a Sustainable Future, The Promise of Cloth & Hide.

Sustainability, it's a word that you hear much more often and one of which we all are trying to be more conscious of. At Cloth & Hide, environmental concerns and ethical considerations are at the forefront of our consciousness. At our core lies a commitment to minimising the industry's ecological footprint, preserving natural resources, and promoting fair labour conditions.

With an emphasis on sustainable, plant based textiles we create timeless pieces designed to be treasured forever. All garments are the highest of quality and are made using natural fibres. 

Material Sourcing:

We offer a careful selection of materials that are both eco-friendly and ethically sourced , prioritising materials that have minimal environmental impact and uphold high standards of social responsibility.

We use linens and cottons exclusively.  Linen is one of the most sustainably farmed fibres, it requires less water and chemicals than other fibres to produce and both linen and cotton are recyclable and biodegradable.

Ethical production:

Our production team is a family business and the seamstresses are ladies who sew from home. We know that they are working in a safe environment and are paid full wages. We also offer and quite often carry out repairs and alterations free of cost for customers who have purchased a garment from us to further its longevity.

Waste Reduction:

We have a strong focus on minimising waste throughout the production and distribution process. This includes designing garments with longevity and durability in mind, without making large quantities of each style, instead purchasing quantities of fabric and using it all. We will also alter a piece if it has an issue with fit or up-cycle to another style where possible to minimise waste.

Our accessories in store are largely fabricated using recycled materials such as windscreens and water bottles and plant sources such as apple skin, cactus leather.  We love bags fashioned from natural fibres such as crocheted cotton and raffia due to their lovely organic and unique qualities.

We always consider the environmental impact of the brands we stock, choosing local and handmade where possible with high quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. Our products are not shipped in plastic sleeves but are rather shipped together in a box and we process them when they arrive here to minimise plastic waste.  

Our store packaging is all plastic free. 

At Cloth & Hide, we have a vision of fashion that is both beautiful and responsible. By prioritising environmental stewardship, ethical production practices, waste reduction, and community engagement, we can create garments that not only look good but also feel good. There are a lot of things we could do to be more sustainable, but in our experience it has to be a balance between being affordable for your customer while minimising your negative impact or having so little profit margin that you cannot sustain a successful business.

It’s not a perfect science but we tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful earth. 

As consumers, we have the power to shape the future of fashion by supporting brands that prioritise sustainability and ethics. By choosing sustainable brands that uphold these values, we can weave a sustainable legacy that benefits both people and the planet for generations to come.



Cloth & Hide xx