Care Instructions and Sizing

Care Instructions

Cloth & Hide garments are high quality garments, with an emphasis on fabrics derived from natural plant fibres.  They are handmade and hand dyed.  Due the handmade process and the nature of plant textiles, slight imperfections in the weave or colour may be present.  These are not considered faults, they in fact add to the unique nature of our product and enhance it's natural beauty.

We recommend washing all of your cottons and linens inside a delicates laundry bag to protect from any hooks or zips that may be present on other garments.  Always using a gentle cycle in cold water.  Frequent or over washing may cause excessive fading. 

Always do your first wash separately from other items.  If you have purchased a matching set, always wash together so that they maintain the same colour intensity.

Use a gentle detergent without bleaches or fragrances and do not apply detergent directly to fabric.

Do not soak, bleach or tumble dry and hang in the shade.

To avoid having to iron your pieces put them on a hanger while still damp and pull gently to reshape and straighten, seams pockets and collars.

If your garment is part of a set, always wash together so they will match as plant derived cottons and linens will fade over time this ensures that they will match perfectly in colour.

Proper care of your Cloth & Hide garment will ensure it will stay beautiful for years to come.


Cotton Crepe Care :

Cotton crepe is naturally a delicate fabric. Hand wash or gently machine wash in a short cold cycle- always inside a delicates bag.  Upon washing fabric will look as though it has shrunk. Gently pull while damp to reshape and it can be further ironed back to previous length/shape.  It will then go back to its silky and softly draping form.

All of our pieces are pre washed but you may experience slight shrinkage of up to 5%.



Measurements do vary depending on style and fit.  Following is an approximate size guide for women.

For detailed measurements please contact us.  If a certain style is smaller or larger than usual sizing we will advise in item description.


Size 6    Bust  80cm    Waist  64cm       Hip 80cm

Size 8     Bust  85cm     Waist  68cm     Hip 90cm

Size 10   Bust  90cm     Waist  72cm      Hip  95cm

Size 12   Bust  95cm     Waist  76cm      Hip 100cm

Size14   Bust  100cm     Waist  80cm     Hip 105cm

If you are between sizes either go up a size or contact us if you are still unsure.

Children's sizing is based on age.