Here at Cloth & Hide it is our ethos to walk as gently on the earth as possible.  We strive to be seasonless and make garments that last beyond the current season to be a staple or favourite for years to come.  Always in naturally derived fibres that don't end up as micro plastics in our oceans, soil and waterways.

Our favourite compliment is that someone has worn our pieces year after year and they have aged well and become more beautiful in character and softness as time goes on.

We have cases where after a few years of wear a customer may need a seam or button repaired and we gladly offer to repair instore at no cost to prolong the life of the garment even further.

In addition it is our policy if, on the rare occasion there is a problem with one of our pieces we always prioritise repairing wherever possible.  We believe this is our responsibility as a conscious manufacturer.  Rather than just replacing or refunding which would be the easier, most convenient option and usually cheaper option.  We believe our kind of customer appreciates this as they have made a conscious decision not to purchase a fast fashion item.

We use recyclable Australia Post kraft paper satchels to send out our online orders with biodegradable cellulose tape to seal.